About the Artist

My name is Kate Regan, a graphic designer from Pennsylvania.

Problem solving is my creative outlet. I have a strong range of adaptable skills in both graphic design and coding. I pride myself on my quick-thinking, problem solving, and optimistic attitude. Not only do I have a diverse skillset, but I'm also a quick learner with an appetite for personal growth.

Throughout my journey as an artist, I have discovered and pursued a passion for design and coding together, building a strong multi-faceted knowledge base. While working with clients, I've developed strong communication skills and ideation techniques that allow me to produce high-quality designs while adhering to deadlines. I'm also a proactive learner, able to find and utilize resources to engineer solutions to new problems.

I graduated on May 6th from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with both a BA in Computer Science and a BA in Fine Arts. I excitedly look towards the future and the opportunities that await me as chances to further develop my skills.

Reach me at kregan180@gmail.com